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“Hold Me Tight enabled me to confirm that, while my fears and pains are wholly my own, they are not unique to me and mechanisms exist which provide the opportunity to move through them into the future I choose. “



“This Hold Me Tight workshop here at Alderbrook provided me a safe, comfortable atmosphere to explore our relationship as a couple. It is a very effective method to find the trouble areas in your relationship and begin to repair it. I feel like I have the tools to go into my relationship and work hard to make a lifelong connection to my partner.”



“I am going to tell everyone I know about this workshop. It has been life-changing. My relationship with my husband went from being in crisis to being in a place that feels manageable. I have so much hope for the rest of our lives together.”

                                              – C.M. from Shoreline, WA.

“This workshop is relevant at any stage in your relationship and for any type of relationship—new/old, short/long, same-sex/opposite-sex, some issues/many issues, etc.”

                                                                                                           –Kevin and Jasen


"Hold Me Tight® was a fantastic workshop!  So much was accomplished over the weekend in a very safe and very non-intrusive manner.  Anna and Sheri achieve a wonderful balance of providing space for couples to go deep and having moments of levity and laughter."  



"Dear Anna and Sheri,

Thank you so much for hosting the HMT workshop this past weekend.  In short, it was the most important thing we’ve ever done for our marriage of 37 years. We both had some trepidation coming into the weekend, concerned that it was going to be a long and painful event, but we came out of your offices Sunday afternoon with a very much refreshed relationship.  Yes, we were exhausted, but we got so much out of this weekend it’s tough to describe but to say the least, we feel closer to each other than we have in years.  Maybe ever.  We now have a way to deal with any negative dialog or hurts that may occur going forward, I don’t want to ever lose this feeling I have right now for my wife.

  You both did a wonderful job presenting the material, and the breakouts gave us the opportunity to have important discussions.  Your “helper” Michael really made a huge difference for us, we would not have had the same experience without his support helping us through the sections.  Really incredible. So again, thank you all so much!  We invested the time and money into our relationship, and the returns have been truly life-changing.

John & Shaunne"

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