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Me in relationship 

Individual One Day Retreat

Grow your understanding of how you experience the world relationally. Explore how you protect yourself and how to open yourself courageously. 

This signature 8-hour individual program is designed to give you the crash course you need to deepen your self-understanding, heighten your awareness, and develop your skills when connection gets off track.


In this program, you will: 

  • Learn to identify what’s happening within yourself while staying present with your partner

  • Understand the triggers that lead you into a place of reactivity, and the meaning-making you engage in while in the midst of challenging interactions.

  • Understand you have options in the moments of confusion or uncertainty​

  • Develop awareness of how to listen so your partner feels seen and heard

  • Intentionally slow down the process allowing yourself choice on how you want to engage and/or disrupt a pattern of disconnection in the moment.

  • Understand how to direct your attention and power out and inward to meet needs

What is the format?

  •  The workshop meets from 9am to 5pm and includes a mixture of presentation and exercises.


Cost of Workshop : $495.00 / person

What is included?

  • Fee includes workshop, workbook, catered lunch, snacks, and beverage service.  Fee does not include accommodations, dinner, incidentals or room service.

Cancellation policy:

We will refund your entire workshop fee minus a registration fee of 5% (to cover credit card fees and other registration costs) until 60 days before the workshop.  With less than 60 days and more than 14 days to start of the workshop, you may transfer your registration to a future workshop*.  Once within the 14-day window to start of the workshop, due to fixed catering and resort costs, you may transfer 25% of the fee to a future workshop*.

* within one year (transferred registrations are no longer eligible for refund)

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